Monday 1.6.14

It’s Monday! So many things surface when I have alone time. I’m glad I rarely have it but when I do, I can write and write and write. I want to believe that I may have been a writer in my past life or was given this path in life to experience trauma, tragedy, loss, pain, grief, turmoil, despair, anger, depression, anxiety, emotional, physical and verbal abuse in life. The positive however, is that I have lived in a mental place where I do see seasonal changes.  Not everything in my life has been cold, grey, dark, rainy, dreary and foggy. I’ve seen rainbows, butterflies and unicorns from time to time.

A question I often ask myself is how child sexual abuse and physical abuse effect and shape a male/female into adulthood.  What are the negative effects on these victims when they grow up and become adults.  Do they fail at relationships or become more protective? How is their thought process? How do they continue to love and function? How do they process information? How are their decision and rational skills? Do we inherit our personalities or are they developed as a result of your upbringing and more specifically are they shaped based off your sexual and physical abuse?  I tend to believe that your environment shapes your personality. Your thought process and decision-making skills are based on what you have witnessed and experienced in your environment.  I also believe that you have a sprinkling of nature in you because your personality will remind you of a close relative.  

I am here because I want to help other women, children, mother’s, fathers, sons anyone for that matter who took the wrong exit in life. Not by choice but by force.