Jan 3 2013 Friday end of the Holidays…

Usually for me, Thanksgiving triggers a roller coaster of emotions.  It ranges from anxiety to pressure to stress to melancholy and finally relief.  But as years go by, I’m beginning to lose interest.  I have my 8 year old son who expects fireworks and hooopla and horray’s but I’m not feeling it as I used to. I used to be this big holiday freak and now I feel like I’ve done that ….35 years to be exact and don’t find the thrill.  I don’t decorate and go all buck wild letting everyone know the holidays are here.  I think it was to do with money. Every time I walk out the door, I spend money. Whether it’s getting gas or something for the house or just a coffee and a snack for my son.  I think it also has to do with the fact that I have a small apartment and don’t have room to store extra needless items. I can see how my sister can go all out for the holidays but I have an apartment. I don’t have a garage to store items.  I don’t do Christmas cards nor ship presents. I find that challenging. More expensive.  Maybe my view will change once I am able to afford the holidays.  Either way, I’m happy everyone in my family go together this year and the holiday spending spree is over. What’s up next… oh my son’s birthday. Here we go!

On to more statement designs for 2014! I design this shirt for my son because it’s what I constantly have to tell him in order to get things done.



Positive statement shirt